Meet the specialists in non-metallic, functional and aesthetic dentistry

The Yurmax Dental Clinic is a family company whose tradition dates back to 1991. We were the first biological dentistry center in the Czech Republic. Although we are based in Prague, we are repeatedly sought out and recommended by patients from all corners of the Czech Republic.

The main reason is our specialization in the replacement of harmful (heavy) metals in the oral cavity with ceramic implants and non-metallic alternatives to amalgam. Ensuring maximum protection of patients and doctors is a priority for us, using the SMART protocol (since 2014). We also treat difficulties associated with oral galvanism, chronic inflammations in the oral cavity and their systemic manifestations.

The Yurmax Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services and treatments for the health and beauty of the oral cavity by practicing non-metallic, functional and aesthetic dentistry.

Biological dentistry: The oral cavity as the key to health 

Biological dentistry is a modern concept in dental practice. Unlike the traditional, technically oriented dentistry approach, biological dentistry uses modern scientific knowledge of biochemistry, toxicology, microbiology, epigenetics and physics – and all their interdisciplinary connections.

Oral health is key to the health of the whole body. That´s why biological dentistry understands the oral cavity as an integral part of the whole body, closely linked to many essential physiological processes and functions. Most sensory organs are located near the mouth and closely adjacent to the brain. The face, part of the tongue, teeth and nasal cavity are connected to the brain by the trigeminal nerve, the most powerful of all the cranial nerves.

Compared to other parts of the body, the oral cavity may contain the most heavy metals, alloys, toxic and allergic materials or even dead tissues by far. It´s also the oral cavity where many inflammatory physiological processes start and run unnoticed. All this necessarily affects the immune system and can cause many chronic diseases.

There are many connections between oral health and various diagnoses. But it’s not just the teeth and gums. For example, the condition of the temporomandibular joint affects the health of the spine and blood circulation. The meridians (the body’s energy pathways) also pass through the teeth and are activated by correct teeth activity. Missing teeth or an area of inflammation in the mouth can disrupt these pathways. It is therefore very important that each tooth is in the right position and that meridians are activated by a healthy or (non-toxically) treated tooth. Patients with inflammation around the tooth suffer from the penetration of harmful substances into the body, placing a significant – and constant – burden on the immune system

In our concept of biological dentistry, we come out of all the above-mentioned contexts in dental care and the entire oral cavity. They help us in deciding how to treat and treat, which promotes effective, maximum safe and non-toxic dental care. 

Our care focuses on two main areas:

  • Chemical load in the oral cavity – we minimize it by replacing potentially toxic and allergenic materials with natural biocompatible materials
  • Bacterial risks associated with dead teeth – the solution is to professionally remove dead and inflamed parts of the oral cavity

Our care results in an improvement of the entire immune system. All procedures not only cure dental problems, but also boost whole-body health. Thus, we can help improve the quality of life of our patients.