• Ceramic implants

    Ceramic implants

    Healthier, white and more durable titanium and dead teeth alternative  Ceramics or zirconium (in the form of zirconium oxide, ZrO2) is literally a revolutionary material in terms of dentistry. We…

  • Safe amalgam removal

    Safe amalgam removal

    Safe removal of amalgam, the source of mercury in the mouth You very likely have amalgam in your mouth, too. In most dental practices, it is one of the most…

  • Dental galvanism treatment

    Dental galvanism treatment

    Oral galvanism: Metals in the oral cavity as a health risk Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?  Metallic, salty or acidic taste in the mouth Burning or…

  • Metal removal

    Metal removal

    Metals in the oral cavity: A burden on the immune system A wide range of metals (mercury, platinum, copper, cobalt, aluminum, iron and chromium) have been proven to have cytotoxic,…

  • Roots of diseases

    Roots of diseases

    Bacterial toxins in dead teeth: The health risk – and our solutions   Although a tooth may appear as hard, lifeless tissue, it is a living organ. The hard outer…

  • PRF


    PRF: Biological preparationfor better healing after complicated interventions  Acronym PRF refers to “platelet-rich fibrin” or “platelet-rich plasma”. It is a kind of concentrate obtained from the patient’s blood and is used…

  • Ozone aplication

    Ozone aplication

    Ozone: The most effective disinfectant of the oral cavity  Ozone is used in medicine to destroy pathogenic microorganisms at cellular level in a very short time. Atmospheric ozone is produced…

  • Biocompatible materials

    Biocompatible materials

    A guarantee of your satisfaction and whole-body health The Yurmax Clinic differs from many other dental facilities because we do not use metals, bisphenol A, fluoride and other unwanted toxins….

  • NICO


    Treatment of chronic inflammations caused by necrosis of the jaw bone Jawbone osteonecrosis – or neuralgia-inducing cavitation osteonecrosis (NICO) – is a degenerative disease leading to the death of both…