Ozone aplication

Ozone: The most effective disinfectant of the oral cavity 

Ozone is used in medicine to destroy pathogenic microorganisms at cellular level in a very short time. Atmospheric ozone is produced by UV radiation and an electrical discharge. 

Ozone is a 3000x more potent disinfectant than chlorine and very effectively destroys viruses, bacteria and mold, even in cases where classic pharmaceutical preparations and procedures fail. In addition to its disinfecting properties, it also has other therapeutic uses, e.g. stops bleeding and speeds up the healing process.

At the Yurmax clinic, we use ozone in the treatment of deep dental caries or in the treatment of gum inflammation or alveolar inflammation after the removal of an infected tooth. The application of ozone offers numerous advantages for the patient:

• Faster wound healing (regenerative effect)

• Supports blood supply to the tissues

• Activation of the immune response

• Does not have side effects

• A 20-second application of ozone eliminates 99.9% of pathogenic microbial flora to a depth of 3 mm

• Prevention of tooth decay and its non-invasive treatment in the early stages

• Effects of ozone application persist for up to 3 months

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